Sunday, April 9, 2017

About CTL

Welcome fellow masters of life! :D

This is a personal blog where I post interesting things about life, especially topics that enable us to live to the fullest, such as compassion, technology, and leadership (CTL). The best way to do that is by doing the right things and be rock solid while keeping our life goals in mind. All my wisdom about life thus far is continuously updated in single page as A Great Life Guide as I learn. Detailed lessons/experiments will still be posted here.

Why CTL?
  1. There isn't enough compassion in the world, and we need it in order to fully understand each other and work as a team to build a better world.
  2. Technology will greatly improve the living conditions for everyone -- imagine a world where robots do all the work and we can do anything we want. 
  3. To be the best of ourselves, we have to be great leaders and not just followers. Be a leader of your life!
It started with CTL, but has evolved to be so much more after I realized my life goal is:
To continuously improve myself to reach my full potential and help others to do the same, so together we can do great things.
New post is published about once a week. To receive notification, use the social media links to follow me.

Thanks for reading and let's live our lives to the fullest!! :)

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