Saturday, August 11, 2018

Continuous Self-Improvement with Master Check

After telling my kids to do the right thing and explaining master vs slave behavior so many times, it eventually got tiresome and a bit annoying, and so I came up with a new idea of continuous self-improvement that doesn't require someone else to nag, which nobody likes anyway. I call it Master Check.

Master Check (MC) consists of five simple steps that's done continuously:
  1. Life is a game, so have fun! :D
  2. Set intentions based on your vision and life goals.
  3. Be mindful of the present with acceptance.
  4. Do the right thing for everything that you will be doing.
  5. Be rock solid for anything that was done.
Each step has a distinct purpose. First step sets the stage and that's to have fun in the game of life, so don't be too serious. Second step sets the direction on what we want to do and where we want to go. Third step is to become aware of everything inside of and around us to better understand without judgement and expectations in order to make better decisions. Being mindful trains our bodymind to efficiently use our mental/physical energies  and should be the default state. Fourth step is to do whatever it takes to accomplish our goals in the most productive way -- the right way. The last step is to protect ourselves by stand firmly behind our beliefs and never waver, like a rock. And remember, there is a balance between the last two steps and all steps must be done, otherwise it's a partial check and not master. :)

I have been doing this for a few weeks now. It has helped me understand myself better, and also fix some bad habits of mine, such as sitting in a slouched position. I will continue to do this as I believe it is a great way to continuously improve myself, which is the first part of my life goal.

As for my kids, it was pretty effective when I first introduced Master Check, but slowly resisted as doing the right thing doesn't necessarily feel good, and so it's harder for kids to do and be rock solid. While it isn't something that the kids can do continuously, it is still a pretty good process to walk thru with them when something is wrong. Whenever my daughter is upset for various reasons, I would go thru some of the steps together with her and it fixes the problem fairly quickly and she learns more about each step. I believe, someday, she will do it by herself. For the mean time and things that she can improve herself, I only have to say "MC" and she knows what needs to be done. :D

In order to reach my full potential, I will be doing Master Check to continuously improve myself and having fun along the way.

This is part of Essential Life Skills blog series.

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