Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Game of Life

I just finished watching a movie named Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on Netflix -- interesting movie -- and it reminded and inspired me that life is like a game. In a game, there are obstacles and bad guys, but we play to win.

There are definitely tough challenges or bosses, but as long as we keep trying, we become better and eventually would be able to beat them.

Sometimes we feel like giving up, why play the game when it's too hard or not so fun? If we do give up, then that kinda defeats the point of the game and we will never find out what treasure awaits us after the last boss. If it's too hard, just go back a level to do more training. Easy. Too boring? With a bit of imagination, anything can be fun.

If we do get tired of playing the game, we can definitely take a break to recuperate, but not too long as we may loose momentum.

After playing the game for awhile and we reach the next level where the game is not too easy, nor too hard, but it is just challenging enough to be still enjoyable, we get into "the zone" where we reach and push our capabilities continuously and effortlessly. Some call that "the flow".

While I was watching the movie, I did some yoga and felt a little bit of the flow, and it was great. It felt like I could do anything. Gotta do that more often.

In short, life is a game and we play to win no matter what...together! Don't forget to have fun, it's a game after all. Treasure awaits those that persevere.

This is part of the Essential Life Skills series.

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