Sunday, July 29, 2018

Guiding Principles for Achieving Life Goals

Life is full of wonders and things that we can experience. To capture the experience in the fastest and safest way is by following two guiding principles:
  1. Do the Right Thing: This is the fastest way to achieve goals in the long run. It is the most productive guide in helping us select the right things to do to get what we want in life. Doing the wrong things will require redo, and some things can not be undone, therefore we will never get what we want. 
  2. Be Rock Solid: This provides the necessary safety and energy as we do the right things. Life can be tough sometimes and doing the right thing isn't always easy, therefore we must fully embody our beliefs and be like a rock to get us through the tough times.
There is a balance between the guiding principles. If we keep doing the right things without being rock solid, eventually our body and mind will crumble as doing the right thing doesn't necessary feel good and can be emotionally and mentally draining. If we are rock solid without doing the right things, then we are simply stubborn and will do wrong things that hurt ourselves and other people. So it's important to check and balance the two.

Lastly, the guiding principles simply enable us to do anything and get everything we want, but what exactly? There are many experiences and the most important ones are our life goals (X), which is different for everyone. Physical things are fun but aren't that interesting to me as they are ephemeral. My life goal is to continuously improve myself to realize my full potential and help others to do the same, so together we can do great things, such as understanding the mysteries of the universe. It's important to keep our goals in mind at all times, otherwise we might be doing unnecessary work that doesn't help us achieve our life goals.

What are your life goals?

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