Friday, July 14, 2017

Vision: Everyone is Happy

What is vision? Simply put, it is an aspirational goal. Steve Jobs had a vision to change the world by empowering everyone with beautifully designed computers and devices to help people that think different to change the world. And he believed anyone can change the world.

Have you noticed how happy you are when your friends and family are happy? And when they are sad, due to some sort of tragedy, then you are also sad? With today's global economy, if something were to happen in a country across the globe, it will affect you in one way or another -- changes in product prices, emotions from extended friend/family living there, etc. -- as we are all more intimately linked together than previous generations. So, you see, we are all on the same boat in terms of being happy. Therefore, my vision is for everyone to be happy -- only then you can be fully happy.

How do we make sure everyone is happy? I talked about some issues and potential solutions in my previous Dreams/Big Ideas post already, so I will just summarize it here: I believe most of our issues -- like human interactions, mundane tasks, poor leadership -- can be solved by compassion, technology, and great leadership (C.T.L.) driven by the purpose of living your life to the fullest. When we are busy fighting, doing mundane tasks, doing what others tell us to do, then we don't have time to work together to build a brighter future for everyone where everyone can live their lives to the fullest. Mark Zuckerberg also pointed out a few items in his Harvard commencement address -- a great speech, very wise and touching.

Everyone needs to be happy because all it takes is 1 unhappy person to cause a lot of pain to millions of people and shatter the American dream.

At the same time, it only takes 1 person with a vision to start changing the world. Steve Jobs did it with Apple. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and led the Civil Rights Movement that provided equal rights regardless of race, color, religion, and sex. Abraham Lincoln did it with the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment to free and abolish slavery. Elizabeth Cady Stanton started the women's rights movement with her Declaration of Sentiments and did it with the Nineteenth Amendment, which allowed women to vote.

But those great leaders could not have done it without help. So I can't do this alone. I need your help. How can you help, you ask? Become a leader of your life by embracing great leadership traits (openness, compassion, trust, focus, execution, passion, wisdom, vision, influence/inspire/impact), and help others become one as well by spreading the word.

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This is part of the Great Leadership series.

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