Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Game of Questions: Fun Way to Learn About Yourself and Others

An colleague of mine said "You can't just tell someone to be wise." And I responded "Sure, but it is a good start to know what it is and then figure out how to get there." That got me started in thinking about ways to become wise, hence the subject.

To recap my wisdom article, wisdom is the combination of 3 things: smart  (intelligence + knowledge), experience, and awareness. Awareness is the tricky one and I believe by asking the hard questions is the key, such as what is and why.

The Questions game is simply just that, asking questions, especially the hard questions:

  1. Get a group of people together.
  2. Pick anyone to ask another person a question
  3. The other person has to respond with an answer, or say pass.
    1. If answered correctly, this person gets to ask other people questions.
    2. If answered vaguely / incompletely, the first person can ask follow-up questions until both parties are satisfied. It's a conversation. 
    3. If answered incorrectly, the first person gets to ask again. 
    4. If pass, the first person will ask another question to the same person and pass is not allowed. 
  4. The game continues until there are no more questions. 
I played this with my family the other day, and I discovered what makes my wife happy: Just want people to care about her. :)

For competitive people, you can score based on correct / incorrect answers. And remember to ask hard questions, such as why you feel that way or about something that is bothering you, but any question is fine. And lastly, have fun! :D

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