Saturday, May 27, 2017

Achieve More with a Healthy Body & Mind

Do you want to get a better job? Be stronger to go anywhere you want? Be smarter to create anything in the world? Well, the first thing that you need to achieve all of those is by having a healthy body & mind. This is a part of the Living Life to the Fullest blog series and is also available on YouTube.

Have you noticed most high achievers, such as top paid actors/execs, have a fit body? It's not a coincidence, they exercise for better physical and mental health. Research has shown exercise will provide more blood/energy to your brain and more, which means your brain will perform better. If we want to be as successful as those high achievers, we should start with the basics -- being healthy. Do you remember the last time when you were not healthy -- being sick or injured or feeling down? You know you couldn't achieve much cuz you can't or don't feel like doing anything...

To be healthy, we should first understand what that entails and then see how we can improve it. I believe health divides into 3 categories: physical, mental, and emotional. And each of those are affected by many different factors: food, exercise, sleep, meditation, environment, intoxication, duress, stress. The factors could be divided into two categories:

  • Internal: Exercise, Sleep, Meditation, Stress
  • External: Food, Environment, Intoxication, Duress
The external factors are easy to deal with as that is something that you can easily control and you can see and sense those. The more tricky ones are the internal ones as they are not obvious when something is wrong. 

In order to be healthy, I believe we need to understand and address each of those factors. Some of them are obvious, but some are not. Each of them actually requires and deserves its own post to fully understand, so follow me for future posts.


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