Saturday, July 21, 2018

Details: Impediments of Doing the Right Things

This is a first post about the implementation details behind and between ideas from other posts. It's a deeper look into my thoughts and feelings, so you have been warned. 

I still believe doing the right thing is the way to go, but there are some impediments on doing them, so I wanted to write them down in order to provide a more complete picture.

So most people operate on feelings, including myself, and doing the right thing doesn't really invoke good feelings sometimes on both sides. And most people also have a tendency to see things from the worst side of things instead of good side -- cynical from all the hardships of life. So the net result is there are resistances from both sides to do the right thing.

And when you do the right things that other people don't like, then you risk loosing friendship and isolation, which nobody wants. But I am ok with that as I know nothing matters, and therefore will continue to do the right thing, and ok with no one or just a few friends that would do the right things as I do believe it will win in the long term. Negative feelings come thru as I write that, but that's ok as I am not going to be a slave to that.

I should also start to build our my website/apps collection now, but feeling a bit lazy at times, which is obviously the wrong thing to do. But more than feeling lazy, I think it's really the sheer amount of work to build modern websites that need to be beautiful and interactive, which takes a lot of engineering skills and time to do it right. I wrote a mobile diary website a while ago, but never published it as it just didn't look very good and only partially done after spending so much time on it. There are just so many choices in the tech stack and each have to be mastered to do a good job. Perhaps I should just release what I have, even if it looks bad / partially done / probably not useful at all to anyone, and then just slowly improve on it. Iterative is the key to modern software engineering. If I keep waiting until it is perfect, it would never get released.

For my kids, I started to implement an idea of "master check", which goes thru a 3-steps process (assess, validate, do) to do the right things -- it will be in the next post if it proves to be useful. It was very effective on first day as it was new, and now slowly becomes less effective and at times my daughter is feeling annoyed by it, hence not sure if I will post about it. Feeling annoyed is actually the wrong thing to do, and it is really due to the fact that she isn't doing the check herself but I have to remind her all the time -- which is still better than telling her exactly what to do as she gets to figure out what to do.

I am doing the check myself continuously, which seems to be useful. We will see how it goes for another week, and then I will post about it.

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