Saturday, July 14, 2018

Don't be Evil and Do the Right Thing = Happy Ending

Last week, we talked about being a master or slave of your life, let's dive a bit into slave to understand the different types and the sad ending that awaits.

I think there are 3 different types of slaves: Normal, Bad, Evil.
Normal slaves are essentially most people, including myself in some areas. Despite doing the wrong things, the consequences are limited to themselves, and so it's not bad, nor good, just normal. This is a starting point for everyone. The ending can be either happy or sad depending on the % of right things done vs wrong. Happy ending is you get everything that you want in your lifetime.

Bad slaves are those that do wrong things affecting others negatively. An examples would be smoking cigarette while there are non-smokers around, or slacking off work or intentionally do poor quality work where your colleagues have to pick up after you. Those wrong actions affect others, and therefore are considered bad, and likely will have a sad ending. E.g. Someone that you love gets lung cancer via 2nd hand smoking, or getting fired from your job, etc.

Evil slaves are those that do wrong things affecting others negatively and permanently. An example would be intentionally killing someone, which is permanent. And needless to say, the ending is definitely sad on both sides.

Now that we understand the different types and their ending, how can we help them as we do want everyone to be happy? I believe we should teach them. Like a parent that sees their children doing the wrong things, we need to let them know and try to help them to do the right things. If they don't listen, then sadly, there isn't much that we can do, but luckily unlike with our kids, we can just leave them and let them be so their actions don't affect us. If leaving isn't an option, then we just have to try harder with different approaches.

As Google's motto used to say, don't be evil, and now, do the right thing.

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